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Active Lava Hawaiian Tours Business Location​ & Directions

(End-of-Road on Highway 130) 45 Minutes From Hilo.

How To Find Us:
As you enter the lava viewing area, at the (End of HWY 130) you will come to the first security guard, just say your go to Michele's they will let you pass through the crowds; Please drive slowly. Once you pass the second guard you will drive onto another dirt road, you will take your to 1st Left onto our Street which is Lokelani, look for (Kalapana Gardens Sign) and drive 1 block, we're on the right side of road.

(Yellow House with Green Roof).

12-5403 Ala Lokelani Road

Kalapana, Hawaii 96778


Email: 1activelavahawaiiantours.com

A lava tour is not something that you can do back home, or even on another trip, it is a once in a lifetime chance to see molten lava flowing by. Pictures do not do it justice. Hawaiians have always lived with volcanic activity and have made it an important part of their culture. You will get a view of the earth in a way that most people never do. Lava is the life blood of the earth and to see its powerful force up front is life changing

The journey to the lava field is amazing in and of itself. You are surrounded by natural beauty as you tour on a mountain bike outfitted for easy control and maneuvering. It is a safe adventure that will make your trip unforgettable. Active Lava Hawaiian Tours offers lava tours that will be one of the most memorable parts of your trip.

On our lava tour you will visit the most beautiful part of the largest island in the United States, the Big Island of Hawaii. This more than 100,000 year old island will captivate you and take you to a place with panoramic views of Hawaii's infamous sunrises and sunsets.

You will hike over a Moon like landscape and experience the worlds newest land formations and see amazing lava sculpture features.

Our Excursions represent the best solution for small or large group, couples, and families with children over 10 years old (All Children Must Be Able To Hike Without Being Carried).  

​Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Tours

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Must be physically fit & able To talk on Uneven Terrain for long periods.

No Children under The age of 10 years old.

Caution visitors with Asthma must take warning signs Serious.

No Baby's on the lava field.

Must wear strong Closed-Toe shoes.

Must arrive on time.


Vog is unpleasant to anyone, and can produce headaches as well as irritation to the lungs and eyes at higher concentrations. For people with asthma and other respiratory problems, the effects are much more serious, causing a tightening of the airways in the lungs and making it very difficult to breathe.

Are you ready to take a tour of a lifetime? There are plenty of tours that are enjoyable and exciting, but none of them are more adventurous and thrilling than volcano tours on the Big Island. If you’ve never been face-to-face with lava before it’s not an experience that you are soon to forget. The view of beautiful molten lava forging a path down Puu Oo’s terrain has been recently cited as the 61G lava flow. When you book a volcano tour from a professional tour company that specializes in lava tours you’re guaranteed a breathtaking view while being kept completely safe. Visiting an active lava field gives you the opportunity to witness the majesty of Mother Nature creating earth right before you. You will also learn the history of the Kilauea Volcano as well as the different types of lava formations

​It is no secret that Hawaii is one of the most glorious places in the world. Don’t you want to have an experience that is simply amazing?

If you're on the fence about your list of things to do while you are visiting Hawaii- 

Consider These Reasons:

A lava tour is something you likely will never do anywhere else.

Volcanic activity is deeply ingrained in the Hawaiian culture.

The beauty of the power of the earth is phenomenal.

The trip to the lava field is amazing.

It is adventurous, Fun & Educational.

​​Active Lava Hawaiian Tours




Lava Tours 

Hours Of Operation:

Monday - Saturday 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Reserve Your Spot by Booking NOW!

What You Need To Bring

Wear some comfortable & cool, the temperature is hot especially as we approach the flowing lava, small day pack. 2.5 liters of water per person, lunch or trail snacks, Sunscreen, Sunglasses and Sunhat, CLOSED-TOE Shoes (best to have hiking boots), light rain jacket and most important bring your CAMERA for the most awesome photo shoot in your life!!!