Hawaii Best Hike


Tour Offered: Saturdays Only

1 Night Private Lodging Included (On Lava Field)

Duration of Private Photography Tour: 8 Hrs.

Tour Time: 3 PM to 10 PM

Join: Renowned Hawaii Photographer Warren Fintz

(Must Be Fit & Able To Walk on Uneven Terrain)


Hawaii Lava Tours- Molten Lava photography workshop is a once in a lifetime opportunity to work alongside one of Hawaii's acclaimed lava photographer. This one day Private-Excursion on Kalapana's Lava field is a hiking trip that will focus primarily on photographing breathtaking images of Red Hot Molten Lava.  Once on the lava field  we'll photograph lava entering the ocean, all while getting photo tips from expert Warren Fintz.

During the course of the lava adventure we will hike upon Kalapana's most recent lava flow the 61g flow, this newly formed land is only months if not days old. You will then hike through wonderful forms of lava  in search of lava breakouts.

Warren Fintz will be shooting alongside you offering a wealth of information on how to effectively photograph lava in this very unique landscape.   


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Hilo And Volcanoes National Park Tour

(Transportation Provided/Hilo Area Only) 



$175 - PER PERSON​

Tour Offered: Tuesday & Thursday Only 

Duration: 7 Hours

Pier or Hotel Pickup: 8:30 AM

Drop-Off 3:30 PM

Are you ready to take a tour of a lifetime? There are plenty of tours that are enjoyable and exciting, but none of them are more adventurous and thrilling than Active Lava Hawaiian Tours. We pride ourselves on offering quality exciting and fun tours. We specialize in educating on the culture of Hawaii and the history of the lava flows. We are no larger than a group of 8 people making this much more enjoyable and comfortable for all. 


  • Explore 4 Mile Beach Drive (Hilo)
  • Rainbow Falls (Hilo)
  • Jaggar Museum  (Volcanoes National Park)
  • Caldera of Halemaumau Crater active since 2008  (Volcanoes National Park)
  • Overlook/View of Kilauea Iki Crater Floor (Volcanoes National Park)
  • Thurston Lava Tube, Known as Nahuku in Hawaiian (Volcanoes National Park)
  • Lunch Served- Devastation Trail Picnic Area (Volcanoes National Park)
  • 1 Mile Paved Hike through Devastation Trail (Volcanoes National Park)
  • Return to Hilo.... 


  • This activity is not wheelchair accessible.
  • All guests should be able to hike 2 Miles.
  • Other tour restrictions may apply pending Vog & Weather Condition. 

Cancellation Policy

  • ​​​​​Cancellation by Tour Operator: We at times regretfully May have to cancel our tours due to Extreme Weather Conditions. Upon occurrence we will do our very best to provide ample notice of such tour cancellation.​

  • Cancellation by Customers: If you cancel within 48 hours of scheduled tour date, no refund fees will be provided.

 ​A Photographers Haven

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<img src="https://www.activelavahawaiiantours.com/Lava.jpg" alt="Bike Hawaii" />



Tour Offered: Daily
Duration: 3-4 Hours

Distance: 4 Mile Bike & 2 Mile Hike

Time: 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Important: Arrival Time 4:00 PM 
Important: Tour Must Depart At 4:30 PM

(Must Be Fit & Able To Walk on Uneven Terrain)

On our Lava Bike & Hike Tour our guide will get you Face-to-Face with molten lava. This  lava tour presents a day view of lava and the night glow of lava. This lava is also Puu Oo's most recent lava activity known as the 61g, Hawaii's longest continuing lava flow ever. We provide a piece of mind as you take-in the exciting elements of an active lava field; you will witness Mother Nature create earth right before your eyes. Learn the various types of lava formation and the history of the Kilauea Volcano. this is an adventure of a lifetime.​

Active Lava Hawaiian Tours prides itself on offering quality professional lava tours. All our guides are certified by the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.  ​

We are licensed to do tours in Hawaii's Volcanoes National Park and have Business Liability Insurance. Our team has years of experience on the Kalapana lava field; you can rest assured that we will provide a safe enjoyable tour for you and your family. We provide all that you need to make this adventure fun and safe​.

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​​​​​​Active Lava Hawaiian Tours 

 Volcanoes Park & Molten Lava Tours


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Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Tours


Next Full Moon Lava Tour: November 4, 2017

Duration: 3-4 Hours
Distance: 4 Mile Bike & 2 Mile Hike
Time: 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Important: Arrival Time 4:00 PM 
Important: Tour Must Depart At 4:30 PM

​​(Must Be Fit & Able To Walk on Uneven Terrain)

"A one-of-a-kind show that must be seen"

On an Hawaiian Full Moon night come get face-to-face with molten lava and experience flowing  lava with breathtaking views of the full moon & night sky of Kalapana Lava Field!

We meet at our private property where we get geared to start this unique Full Moon Lava Tour. We start with a 4 mile bike ride to see the glowing lava crash into the sea. Then we journey by foot hiking over lava toward the Pail to witness flowing lava and get you face to face with molten active lava.   

Join us for this epic experience offered on the Full Moon Night each month...